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Built to RIDE!

Built to RIDE!

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Ride 在Snowboard業界,除了Burton外,長久以來幾乎是第二大品牌,這次 Ride Snowboard 團隊,到4個不同的地方,所出的4部滑雪特輯,每一輯都是不同的主題,也都相當的精彩!


加拿大 Quebec- 街頭

日本 Japan- 文化風格

美國 Snoqualmie- Park

加拿大 B.C.- 鬆雪



Quebec City is known for its early starts to its frigid winters. Last year a crew made up of Alex Cantin, Austin Hironaka and friends headed into the snowy city and came out with some heavy trickery.

Featuring: Austin Hironaka, Alex Cantin, Alex Sherman, Derek Lever, Beau Bishop, and Todd Kirby and more.

Music: A Place to Bury Strangers – “Are You The One”


Alex Sherman and Austin Hironaka set off on an East Asian adventure to find the best street spots, restaurants and hairdressers that the land of Japan has to offer. Meeting up with friends, Alex and Austin get a little taste of the streets of Japan. After grabbing clips of all sorts, the boys wrap up their trip and get ready for their next adventure a little closer to home.


Built To Ride Episode 3 was filmed at the Summit at Snoqualmie during Hiro and Ten’s hell track inspired “Excellent Rhythm Adventure.” Their whole concept of a BMX inspired jump track started as an idea for a smooth flowing rhythm section of five jumps, with steep lips and hallowed out decks all built for maximum air time. The course came together perfectly, transitioning very smooth from small to big with the jumps starting at a mellow twenty-foot gap up to the fifty-footer at the end with quarter pipes and pole jams sprinkled throughout the course. Watch Todd Kirby, Derrek Lever, Austin Hironaka and crew get buck wild on this mind melting course.


It’s no mistake that 「B.C.」 is synonymous for both British Columbia and Back Country. In the fourth and final installment of the Built To Ride series, Beau Bishop, Trevan Salmon and Austin Hironaka packed up their sleds, brought out the snorkels and dropped in on some of the best pow lines of their year. You』ll be itching for your first powder day after watching the RIDE crew rip chest deep chowder turns left and right.