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Nitro: Bad Seeds!

Nitro: Bad Seeds!

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The Bad Seeds! FREE snowboard video by Nitro Snowboards



Nitro Snowboard Team 大集合影片,除了在美國,加拿大各大雪場拍以外,還跑到瑞典,俄羅斯和喜馬拉雅山去拍。


The Bad Seeds


這部片不管是Park,街頭滑竿,半管,高山野雪,個人,團體…包羅萬象甚麼都有,但最好看也最令人感動的莫過於大夥一起衝下山,一起盡情show off的片段,好歡樂,爽快!!



雖然是不用錢的,但精彩程度不輸給任何一片 SB DVD,有以前看 Robot Food Production 做的片子ˋ的感覺。


Nitro Snowboards is proud to present The Bad Seeds, a snowboard video for all snowboarders.

This year, we have travelled around the world in search of good times with our best friends and only our snowboards to get us there. We rode in places like Salt Lake City, Montreal, Sweden, Russia, and even the Himalayas, but throughout this adventure, we realized that as long as we are strapped in, we are going to have a good time.

The Bad Seeds stands for a group of individuals who enjoy living a life outside the norm that society has set. They snowboard how they want, all day – everyday. The idea of this movie was to capture how these guys ride when they are together and just snowboarding for fun, not necessarily for capturing the best trick on the biggest feature. Snowboarders will always push themselves and amazing things happen, but there are also a lot of fun situations along the way.

Featuring Anna Gasser
, Anton Bilare, 
Anton Gun, 
Austin Smith
, Benny Urban
, Brandon Hobush, 
Bryan Fox, 
Dominik Wagner
, Eero Ettala, 
Elias Elhardt
, Emil Ulsletten
, Gjermund Braaten, 
Griffin Siebert, 
Justin Bennee
, Justin Keniston, 
Knut Eliassen
, Markus Keller, 
Marcus Kleveland, 
Marc Swoboda, 
Nils Arvidsson
, Sam Taxwood
, Sven Thorgren, 
Shane Wright
, Thomas Feurstein
, and Torgeir Bergrem.

Executive Producers:
 Andi Aurhammer
 and Knut Eliassen. Directors:
 Pirmin Juffinger and 
Karsten Boysen. Editors 
Karsten Boysen 
and Pirmin Juffinger.