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Arto Rohde Freestyle

Arto Rohde Freestyle

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Longboard Freestyle: Arto Rohde on the new Bastl Discofox


特技(FREESTYLE)長板這篇有印象的板友應該對Bastl Longboard 不陌生,每次的影片都以走板和freestyle為主,然後攝影角度都取的非常漂亮,讓觀看影片的人,除了看技巧,還可以看到很多美麗的風景。
Arto Rohde 2


這次 Arto Rohde  在德國 Leipzig  ( Bastl Longboard  的總部-萊比錫) 測試新板Discofox,來看看用了甚麼技巧和場景!


Another smooth video filmed and edited by Miguel Glez featuring our dutch teamrider Arto Rohde on our new Feather Collection Discofox.
This video takes you on a trip through various longboard styles and a whole bunch of spots in our Bastl Boards headquarter hometown Leipzig in the east of Germany.

Rider: Arto Rohde
Board: Bastl Boards Discofox Feather Collection
Wheels: Cloud Ride Wheels
Camera/Edit: Miguel Glez
Music: Percy Sledge – Spooky (ProleteR Tribute)