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VLT 2013

VLT 2013

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Longboarding: VLT Visayan Longboarding Trilogy 2013 full episode



VLT –Visayan Longboarding Trilogy ,在菲律賓舉辦,是亞洲舉辦最大也最久的長板活動,到今年(2014)已經是第五屆了。

會叫trilogy 是因為活動分三個部分:free ride, skate clinic, racing,也分別在Visayan的3個不同地方舉行




底下影片是 VLT 2013年的紀錄影片


Asia’s biggest and longest running longboard event. attracting worldclass riders from all over the world. pioneering the tradition of travel and exploration at the same time constantly pushing the standard of riding to its limits. An annual pilgrimage of longboarders to connect to the true spirit of the sport which is discovering new places, creating lasting friendships and finding new perspectives to the common passion that brings us together. The epitome of the Philippine longboarding scene. An experience that defines the spirit of longboarding in this side of the world – Juan Duazo